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AliMed® Pediatric AFO

AliMed® Pediatric AFO Durable, lightweight, 1⁄8" polypropylene gives medial/lateral support for unstable ankles as well as greater rigidity to resist spastic tone. Fits easily into footwear and gives excellent stability. Immediate fitting promotes early ambulation. Suggested code: L1930. Specify size and Left or Right. Size Calf Circ. Brace Height Foot Length X-Small 6 - 7.5" 6.5" 4" Small 7.5 - 9" 7" 4.5" Medium 8.5 - 9.5" 9" 4.75" Large 9 - 10.5" 10" 5.25" X-Large 10 - 11.5" 11" 6"

66132_AXDIMIVDN00000130 AliMed® Pediatric AFO, Left, X-Large £29.89
66131_AXDIMIVDN00000128 AliMed® Pediatric AFO, Right, Medium £29.89
66131_AXDIMIVDN00000131 AliMed® Pediatric AFO, Right, Small £29.89
66131_AXDIMIVDN00000153 AliMed® Pediatric AFO, Right, X-Small £29.89
66131_AXDIMIVDN00000132 AliMed® Pediatric AFO, Right, X-Large £29.89
66132_AXDIMIVDN00000125 AliMed® Pediatric AFO, Left, Large £29.89
66132_AXDIMIVDN00000151 AliMed® Pediatric AFO, Left, X-Small £29.89
66132_AXDIMIVDN00000126 AliMed® Pediatric AFO, Left, Medium £29.89
66132_AXDIMIVDN00000129 AliMed® Pediatric AFO, Left, Small £29.89
66131_AXDIMIVDN00000127 AliMed® Pediatric AFO, Right, Large £29.89